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Operator Preconditioning: Theory, Practice, and Robustness

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Ludmil Zikatanov holds a Full Professor position at The Pennsylvania State University, USA. He received his Ph.D. from Sofia University in 1995. His primary field of research is Numerical Analysis and encompasses the design and analysis of discretizations of partial differential equations. He is one of the experts in the theory and practice of fast multilevel solution methods for large sparse systems of linear equations and his work in this area has considerably increased the range of applicability of many other numerical methods. His recent works include other subjects at the frontier of computational mathematics, such as spectral graph theory, data compression on graphs, and their applications in machine learning.
Zikatanov’s name is associated with the “XZ (Xu-Zikatanov) identity” in the theory of product iterative methods (Journal of the American Mathematical Society, 2002) and “Urschel-Zikatanov theorem” in spectral graph partitioning (Notices of the American Mathematical Society, 2016).

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