IMI Prize

The Institute of Mathematics and Informatics (IMI) at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences Mathematics Prize is awarded to a Bulgarian citizen for excellent achievements in Mathematics. Candidates for the prize must not have completed 40 years of age before the 1-st of January, 2017. There are no restrictions for nominees related to dual citizenship or country of residence.

For the first time the Prize was awarded for the year 2014 to Martin Kassabov, Professor at the University of Cornell, USA.
Details about the Prize and the nominations’ procedure can be found in the Statute of the Prize.

The members of the IMI Prize Committee for 2017 are:
•Stanimir Troyanski (Institute of Mathematics and Informatics, Sofia, Bulgaria) – Chairman of the Prize Committee. E-mail:
•Armen Sergeev (Steklov Mathematical Institute, Moscow, Russia)
•Luchezar Stoyanov (University of Western Australia, Perth, Australia)
•Vidar Thomée (Chalmers University of Technology, Goeteborg, Sweden)
•Efim Zelmanov (University of California at San Diego, USA)