Write your abstracts using the proposed templates for LaTeX or Microsoft Office Word and following the instructions.

Send your abstracts as attached files by e-mail to the address

You have to send both the original text, written in Tex or Word using given templates, and pdf file, produced by original text. If you use LaTeX and have additional image files, or you use some non-standard font, please, send them also.

Please, not forget to point in the email the section, where you want to present the paper.

Abstracts format

Title: Abstract titles should be brief and reflect the content of the abstract. The title (maximum 100 characters) is important since it focuses attention (it is the “showcase” for the presentation). Do not use capital letters in the title except for words that are always capitalized and do not use non-standard abbreviations.

Authors: Authors’ names should be written out in full at the tops of the papers. No academic titles or descriptions of academic positions should be included in the authors’ information or in the addresses.

Affiliations: The affiliated institutions are to be listed directly below the names of the authors. Multiple affiliations should be marked with superscript Arabic numbers, and they should each start on a new line. In addition to the name of your affiliation, we would ask you to give the town and the country in which it is situated.

E-mail addresses: They should start on a new line and should be grouped per affiliation.

Keywords: Up to five key words that summarize the contents of the paper. They should be separated by commas.

Body of the abstract: The abstract should summarize the contents of the paper and it should be sufficiently informative for the audience to decide whether to attend the talk. A special or unusual abbreviation must be placed (in parentheses) after the first appearance of the word for which it stands.

Acknowledgements: If you want to make reference to grants or supports received in relation to the work presented in the paper, please, put such kind of section after the body of the abstract.

References: Follow the usual requirements for the list of references (if any).
The references should be given in alphabetical order in the following way:
a) to books – author(s), title, location, year of publication;
b) to articles in periodicals or collections – author(s), title of the article, title of the periodical (collection), volume, year, pagination.

Checklist of Items to Be Sent to

1. The final source files, including any non-standard fonts.
2. A PDF file corresponding exactly to the source files.
3. A corresponding author’s name and e-mail address. Corresponding authors will be asked to proof-read their accepted papers.
4. Information about preferred section or mini-symposium for presenting the paper.